About Clayworks

clayworks studio/gallery east austin
CLAYWORKS Studio has been practicing the art and craft of architectural ceramics on East Sixth Street for over 35 years. We make and fire sconces, address numbers, decorative tile and more in our studio located just east of downtown Austin.




chris gray tile production
 Chris Gray
john gray tile production
 John Gray
Established by John and Chris Gray in 1979, the studio is known for custom architectural work, including historic tile restoration and large scale seals and murals. Among other Austin landmarks, our custom tile work can be seen at the Texas State Capitol Building, The Driskill Hotel and the University of Texas.
angelica fabian sconce producion
 Angelica Fabian
stewart gray tile production
 Stewart Gray
Everything is made and fired on the premises, beginning with the task of clay mixing. Sconces are shaped by hand, tiles are individually cut and stamped and plaques are inscribed by hand. We apply glazes we have developed ourselves and fire all our ware in gas kilns. The mild Central Texas winters allow us to accomplish all of this in an open air covered studio nearly every day of the year.
chris gray inscribed donor tile productionClayworks pavers, calligraphically inscribed with the names of donors, have helped to raise millions of dollars for public projects such as schools, libraries and churches. With the advent of the Internet and the help of Stewart Gray, who handles our graphic design and web work, our reach has extended, and we do a healthy online business across the country, especially in custom tile address numbers and sconces.